Glass Protective Film

Glass Protective Film

Anti-UV Glass Protective Film with Stable Adhesion Protection Up to 1 Year
By the time construction is over, the glasses on the windows are a mess. But if your glass is covered with Hualibao protective films, clean-up is a piece of cake. So when the job is over, builders simply peel off protective film and throw it away – along with all the grime, even the labels. Hualibao film provides an end-to-end solution to dirty, scratch and damage on the windows and glasses. It can stick to the glass up to one year. It is a product of economical, convenient and time saving.
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Product Details

Glass Protective Film

Hot sale Protective Film For Window Glass Protective Film Transparent Blue Black&White

Product Information

Product Name: Window glass Protective Film

Base Material: LDPE(low density polyethylene)

Adhesive type: Water based and solvent series are available

Adhesion range: Normally 50-300g/25mm

Color: Blue, black&white, transparent are available

Thickness: 30mic-100mic, or customized

Width: maximum1560mm, standard 500, 600, 1250mm. We can make widths as requested.

Length: 50m ~ 500meters per roll. Make as requested. 

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

Printability: none

Anti UV: available, anti aging up to one year.

Directions For Use:

1. Hualibao recommends medium adhesion 50-150g/25mm for common glass temporary protection.

2. We could make higher adhesion if customer requests, but the glue transfer risk will be higher.

3. Before use our film on the surface, the glass should be clean and dry, free from oil, solvents, dust or other chemicals, otherwise the chemical reaction will happen with our adhesive and caused glue residue on the glass surface after removal.

4. Though our guarantee for anti aging up to one year, we suggest customer remove the film within 6 months.