Blue or Clear Window Film

Blue or Clear Window Film

Hot selling Clear Blue Window Film Medium To High Adhesion Anti UV No residue After Removal
By the time construction, renovation or decoration is finished, the windows are filthy. Cleaning up at the end of the job is a difficulty, taking up valuable time and labor. Even worse, damaged glass must be reordered and replaced which is rather annoyed. Hualibao window film can solve this dilemma. With our films on the windows, it protects the glass, reduces cleanup times, keeps your customers happier. And helps deliver a beautiful home, with glistening new windows.
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Product Details

Blue or Clear Window Film

Factory Outlet Price Blue Clear Window Protective Film 1.5 Mil 2 Mil 3 Mil Thickness


Product Characteristics

Product Name: Blue Clear window Protective Film

Base Material: PE (polyethylene)

Color: Transparent or Clear, Blue

Adhesive: Water based emulsion acrylic and Solvent series acrylic resin adhesive

Adhesion: 1.5 mil with 50-150g/25mm, 2/3 mil film with high adhesion up to 300g/25mm

Thickness (Micron/μ): 30mic~ 75mic, 1.5 Mil 2 Mil 3 Mil or as requested

Width: 500mm ~ 1250mm, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”

Length: 50m ~ 500meters, 100’, 200’, 300’, 500’, or customized.

Printing available, up to 3 colors if needed.

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

Anti-UV: Available

Tensile Strength: Longitudinally>800g/2.5cm  Horizontal>150g/2.5cm

Elongation: Longitudinally>310%  Horizontal>185%


1. Easy removal without any residue on the surface

2. Medium to high tack adhesion is available; the film should be removed within 6 months of installation.

3. Easy for clean up windows.

4. Saving time and cost for owners and workers.

5. Cheap price from professional factory manufacturing outlet.

6. Large factory manufacturing, good quality stability is guaranteed.



Make sure the window surface is clean and dry enough before covering our film, any dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals on the window will cause the reaction and generate the glue residue.