Self-adhesive Static Adhering Film for Plastic

Self-adhesive Static Adhering Film for Plastic

New Developing Self Adhesive Protective Film For PC PET ABS Plastic Board Hot Sale 45 Microns EVA Static Cling Protective Film For ABS Sheet Transparent Clear Self Adhesive EVA Protective Film For Plastic Panel
Our Hualibao factory new developing self adhesive EVA films has the advantages of low cost, no residual glue, adhesion stability and easy to control. For some high demanding applications, there are economic and technical advantages. Therefore, the market share has been increasing with the trend of self-adhesive film, especially widely used in the electronic devices and appliance, optical products, AB plastic sheet, PET sheet, PC ABS panel, etc.
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Self-adhesive Static Adhering Film for Plastic

Best Selling 50 Microns Self Adhesive EVA Protective Film For AB Plastic Sheet ABS PC Panel PET Sheet High Transparency LDPE Static Cling Protective Film For Plastic Packing Wrapping


1. Adhesion available from 1 to 100g/25mm, suitable for various plastic sheet protections in the electronic industry.

2. Good adhesion for easy pasting and easy for easy peeling off, no residue transfer.

3. Excellence of transparency, well film flexibility.

4. Best price from Hualibao factory outlet.

5. Large-scale, experienced, professional factory manufacturing, guarantee for personalized customization with stable good quality.



Material: LDPE

Adhesive Type: Self-adhesive (EVP POE SEBS)

Color: Transparent Clear Blue Black & white, etc.

Print: not available

Thickness: 25-100micrions

Width: <= 1560mm 

Length: 100-3000m

Adhesion: 1-100g/25mm


It is for surface protection of plastic like electronic devices/appliance and optical products. This product is commonly seen in the AB plastic sheet, display screen of camera, LCD panels, ABS PC panel, PET sheet, mobile phone, etc. Preventing damage and scratch during process, storage, transportation, and installation.


Notes for the application:

1. Keep the plastic sheet, panel and board surface dry and clean, free from dust, solvents, oil or other chemicals before lamination.

2. The best results for EVA self-adhesive protective film are obtained with temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C.