Self-adhesive Film for Diffuser

Self-adhesive Film for Diffuser

Top Selling EVA Protective Film For Diffuser Sheet AB Sheet Self-adhesive Film For Diffuser Protection Clear PE Static Cling Protective Film For LCD, Backlight Board, Cold Light, Membrane Switch, Mobile Phone Screen
Hot selling itmes:
Thickness: 40, 45, 50 microns
Adhesion: 3-30g/25mm
Color: Clear
Length: 200, 400, 1000 meters
Width: 1030, 1220, 1250mm
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Product Details

Self-adhesive Film for Diffuser

Hot Sale Static Cling Film For Diffuser Clear PE Self-adhesive Protective Film For Diffuser Sheet Transparent EVA Tape For Diffuser Surface


This product are widely used on many electronic devices and appliance, such as diffuser sheet, AB sheet, LCD, backlight board, cold light, membrane switch, mobile phone screen, etc. Hualibao factory professionally manufactures the self-adhesive EVA static cling film for various applications for over ten years, now we are the leading company in this industry. We could assure you the best quality and price with prompt delivery and professional service.


Product specifications

Products Name:  Transparent Self adhesive Static Cling EVA Protective Film

Base Material: low density polyethylene

Color: Clear, Blue, Black&white, or customized

Thickness (Micron/μ): 25mic~ 80mic, or customized

Type of Adhesive: EVA, POE, SEBS

Adhesion Range: 1-80g/25mm

Length: 100m - 3000meters, standard 200, 400, 500 and 1000m.

Width: 10mm - 1560mm, standard 1030, 1220, 1250mm.

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

Tensile Strength: Longitudinally>8N/25mm; Horizontal>14N/25mm

Elongation: Longitudinally>300%; Horizontal>180%



1. Low tack adhesion from 1 to 80g/25mm, suitable for diffuser sheet protection.

2. Easy paste and easy removal without any residue on the surface.

3. Easy for the air bubble removal after paste on the diffuser surface.

4. Best price from large and professional factory manufacturing.

5. Large factory manufacturing, personalized customization with good quality stability.

Directions For Use:

1. The best result for the diffuser sheet self-adhesive film are obtained with temperature of glass surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C.

2. Keep the diffuser sheet surface clean and dry, free from oil, dust, solvents or other chemicals before lamination.