Self-adhesive Film for Ceramic Tile

Self-adhesive Film for Ceramic Tile

Self-adhesive Film For Ceramic Tile Clear EVA Protective Film For Marble Surface Static Cling LDPE Protective Film For Smooth Stone
Our Hualibao factory outlet self adhesive/static cling/EVA films use for the Ceramic Tile, Marble and Smooth Stone surface protection can protect the surfaces of customer’s valuable products during mechanical, transport, handing, assembly, storage and process. We can offer films in various color, quality, adhesive, width, length and thickness.
Range of application: Ceramic Tile, Marble and Smooth Stone surface, also suitable for Aluminum composite panel, Aluminum sheet, Stainless steel sheet, Metal sheet, Plastic sheet (PVC, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA), etc.
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Product Details

Self-adhesive Film for Ceramic Tile

Self adhesive PE Film For Ceramic Tile, Marble and Smooth Stone Surface LDPE EVA Protection Film Clear Transparent PE Static Cling Protective Film


Product Details

Item Name: Self-adhesive Film Static Cling Tape EVA Protective Film

Base Material: PE (Polyethylene)

Type of Adhesive: POE, EVA, SEBS

Adhesion Range: 1-50g/25mm, Or customized

Thickness (Micron): 25mic-100mic, or customized

Color: Transparent, black and white, clear, blue

Width: 10mm - 1560mm, standard 1030, 1220,1250mm.

Length: 100m ~3000meters, standard 200, 400, 2000m.

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

UV Resistance: As requested.

Printability: None, if needed, up to 2 colors

Elongation: Horizontal>180%    Longitudinally>300%,

Tensile Strength: Longitudinally>8N/25mm   Horizontal>15N/25mm, 

Application: Surface protection for Ceramic Tile, Marble and Smooth Stone surface in the construction and decoration industries. It help to prevent scratches and damages during process, transportation, storage and installation.



1. Low to high tack adhesion, suitable for all kinds of Ceramic Tile, Marble and Stone surface protection.

2. Easy to stick and easy removal, no glue transfer after peeling off.

3. Easy for the air bubble removal after use on the Ceramic Tile, Marble and Stone surface.

4. Large factory producing, personalized customization with stable quality.

5. Factory outlet with best price, decrease your buying cost.

Directions For Use:

1. Keep the surface clean and dry, free from solvents, dust, oil or other chemicals before lamination with the static cling film.

2. The best result for the EVA protective films is gotten with temperature of surroundings and surface at +15°C to 40°C.