Self-adhesive EVA Film for Glass

Self-adhesive EVA Film for Glass

Self-adhesive Protective Film For PMMA Glass Static Cling Protection Tape For PMMA Glass Surface Clear EVA Film Transparent Eva Adhesive Film
Self-adhesive protective film is also called static cling PE film, it is commonly used in high additive value and high quality optical product like PMMA light guide plate, BLU, PC/ PVC, Solar battery etc., it is also used for Semiconductor packing through antistatic finishing. Common self-adhesive materials include EVA, ultralow density polyethylene (m-lldpe), or polyolefin plastic body resin (POE). For products with high viscosity requirements, SEBS is required.
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Product Details

Self-adhesive EVA Film for Glass

Self-adhesive Film For PMMA Glass Surface Clear EVA Static Cling Protective Film Transparent EVA Protection Tape For Optical Product: PMMA light guide plate, BLU, PC/ PVC, Solar battery


Product Details

Products Name:  Transparent Clear Self-adhesive EVA Static Cling Protective Film

Base Material: LDPE

Type of Adhesive: Self-adhesive EVA POE SEBS

Color: Clear or Transparent, or customized

Adhesion: 1-30g/25mm

Thickness (Micron/μ): 30mic~ 80mic, or customized

Width: 10mm ~ 1560mm, standard 1200, 1220, 1250mm.

Length: 100m ~ 3000meters.

Tensile Strength: Horizontal>15N/25mm, longitudinally>8N/25mm. 

Elongation: Horizontal>180%, Longitudinally>300%. 

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

Printability: none


Optical product: PMMA light guide plate, BLU surface, PC PVC sheet, Solar battery etc., semiconductor packing, product antistatic finishing.

Used to protect the surface from damage and scratch during transportation, process, storage and installation.


Directions For Use:

1. Keep the optical product surface clean and dry enough, and free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals.

2. The best result for the film are obtained with temperature of PMMA/glass surface and surroundings at +10°C to 40°C.