Silicone Adhesive PET Protective Film

Silicone Adhesive PET Protective Film

Silicone PET Protective Film Silicone Polyester Protection Film Silicone Adhesive PET Film with Single or Double Layers
he silicone PET protective film is made of plastic film, which is coated with low viscosity pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. It is attached to the surface of the product, which can effectively prevent the surface from being scratched or polluted during die cut, assembly, transport, and installation.
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Product Details

Silicone Adhesive PET Protective Film

Silicone PET Film Silicone Polyester Protective Film Silicone Adhesive PET Film with Single or Double Layers

Product Details

The series has thickness of 30, 50, 60 microns and the viscosity range from 2 to 50 g/25mm. It is applicable to all kinds of plastic lens, glass, plastic sheet and display screen. This product has outstanding light transmittance, hardness, scratch-resistance, flatness, high temperature resistance. After it adheres to the material surface, it has good performance of bubble eliminated.


Products Name: Silicone PET Protective Film

Application: Surface Protection For glossy metal, plastic, glass.

Substrate of the film: Polyester (PET) film

Type of Adhesive: silicone adhesive

Range of adhesion: 2-50g/25mm, customized

Color: Transparent

Thickness: 30, 50, 60 microns, customized

Width: 1030, 1270, 1350mm, customized

Length: 50-200 meters, customized

Released film: Available, 25, 50 microns for choice.

Anti-UV: Available, customized


1. Good transparency, self-adhere, automatically eliminate the bubble between the film and the material surface.

2. Customized thickness and adhesion for various applications.

3. The glue is stable and has function of high temperature resistance, can be used in high temperature up to 180 degree C.

4. No residue after removal, acid and alkali resistance.

5. It is suitable for high gloss mirror, clean and strict product appearance protection

6. Certificate of SGS, ISO,ROHS.