CPP Adhesive Film

CPP Adhesive Film

Hot Selling Solvent Acrylic Resin CPP Protective Film Pressure-Sensitive A dhesive Cast P olypropylene Protecti on Tape PSA CPP Film
CPP (Cast polypropylene) film is an economical, environmental, flexible and fatigue-resistant plastic with basic properties that make it an excellent selection for a wide range of consumer applications. With a various list of purposes--everything from packaging to digital parts to automotive parts—quality PP products are in high demand and have lots of advantages over other plastics.
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Product Details

CPP Adhesive Film

Best Sell Clear CPP Protective Film Cast Polypropylene Protection Film With Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive 

Main Characteristics

Products Name: CPP Film

Application: Surface Protection For Various Applications

Substrate: Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film 

Adhesive type: Solvent acrylic resin, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive.

Adhesion range: 3-500g/25mm, customized

Color: Clear or Transparent

Thickness: standard 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 microns

Width: 1.03, 1.27, 1.35 meters, customized 

Length: standard 200 meters per roll, customized

Elongation: Longitudinally > 380%, Horizontal > 180% 

Anti-UV: Available.


Tips Use:

1. Hualibao makes adhesion from low to high level. Take necessary tests to find out the suitable adhesion for your application. If you do not know which one is the right, please send your material to Hualibao lab, we can test for you and offer professional suggestion.

2. Before lamination, your material surface should be clean and dry, free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals, otherwise the chemical reaction would happen with our film adhesive and caused residue.

3. Use laminating machines with rubber rollers, it will help to eliminate air bubbles.