Printed Black and White Film

Printed Black and White Film

China Printed Black&White Protective Film Manufacturer Protective Film With Printing Up To 3 Color Laminated Printed Protection Tape Supplier
Hualibao is well known in the China protective film industry in the design and manufacture of self adhesive surface printed films. We offer temporary protection solutions for all types of surfaces in numerous industries. Printed Black and white adhesive films are widely used on plastics, coated and uncoated metal sheets, electronics products, ceramic tile, glass, etc.
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Printed Black and White Film

Factory Price Printed Black&White Film For Plastics Board ACP Stainless Steel Sheet Aluminum Profiles Glass Surface Protection


Printed Black&white Protection Film Specifications:

Base Material: Printed Clear film laminated with Black and white film(100% new Polyethylene)

Adhesive: Environmentally friendly water based acrylic emulsion or Solvent based acrylic adhesive

Adhesion Range: 50-1200g/25mm, depends on protected surface.

Thickness (Micron): 50mic-200mic, customized

Color: Black and white

Width: 10mm - 1560mm, customized.

Length: 100m ~2000meters, standard 200, 500, 1000m, customized.

UV Resistance: As requested.

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 70°C

Printability: up to 3 colors

Elongation: Horizontal>150%      Longitudinally>200%,

Tensile Strength: Horizontal>15N/25mm      Longitudinally>8N/25mm

MOQ: 20000 square meters.

Lead time: 15-25 Days.

Hulibao Printed Protection Film Advantages:

1. Protect you product surface from pollution, damage and scratch.

2. Maximum 3 colors printing in the films to advertising for your brand image.

3. Anti-aging, recyclable, high temperature resistance up to 70℃.

4. Stable adhering capacity and easy-peel off and remove, no adhesive transfers.

5. We have the whole production lines: glue making, blank film blowing, printing, adhesive glue coating, and cutting. We could make adjustment according to you special request.

6. Hualibao has been producing Printed Surface Protective Films over 17 years.