Customized Printed Adhesive Film

Customized Printed Adhesive Film

Manufacturer For Customized Printed Adhesive Film Large Supplier For OEM Protective Film With Printing
Manufacturing Process for customized printed protective film:
1. Preparation: Confirm the product of adhesion level, printed pattern, film thickness, width and length per roll, package, etc.
2. Order the printed plate from the manufacturer.
3. Produce two kind of blank films, one is for printing with ink, the other laminates with the printed film. In this way the ink is inner the protective film, no contact with the glue side, so it prevents the ink transfer onto the customer product surface.
4. Glue coating on the printed film.
5. Packing and cutting as customer’s requirement.
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Product Details

 Customized Printed Adhesive Film

Factory Price Customized Printed Adhesive Film For Temporary Surface Protection OEM Designed Printing on Clear Black and White Plastics Sheets


Hualibao printed LDPE films have wide range of applications, as it is low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to apply, high efficiency of surface protection, now we could see it is used on products such as:

Stainless steel sheets

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum alloy

Windows and doors

High glossy plastic boards


Color steel sandwich panels

Fire boards

Decorative panels

ABS PS PC boards

PVC coated sheets


High-end furniture

Automotive lighting


Appliance shell


and other areas in need of temporary protection. With the printings on the film, our protective film products not only protect your valuable product surface from scratch, pollution, and damage during the process of production, transportation, storage and installation, but also improve your brand image by having logo, advertising and contact details on it.


Printed Plastic Cover information:

Based Material: polyethylene 100% new

Thickness: 50-200 microns, customized.

Color: Black and white, customized.

Anti-UV: Available.

Adhesive: Solvent series acrylic resin or Water based acrylic

Tack level: 50-1200g/25mm, depend on what kind of surface to apply.

Width: Maximum 1560mm, customized.

Length: 100-2000 meters, customized.

Printing on the film: Maximum 3 colors, customized.

Packing: One roll per carton (Customer's information can be printed on the carton as well as the paper core)

Delivery time: 15-25 days, depends on the order qty.

Hulibao Printed Protection Film Advantages:

1. Protect you product surface from pollution, damage and scratch.

2. Maximum 3 colors printing in the films to advertising for your brand image.

3. Anti-aging, recyclable, high temperature resistance up to 70℃.

4. Stable adhering capacity and easy-peel off and remove, no adhesive transfers.

5. We have the whole production lines: glue making, blank film blowing, printing, adhesive glue coating, and cutting. We could make adjustment according to you special request.

6. Hualibao has been producing Printed Surface Protective Films over 17 years.

If you have inquiry about the printed PE films for your product’s surface protection, please send me your specifications include below points, so we can offer you t he best factory price:


1. Thickness of the film? 50-200 microns for choice.

2. Color of the film? Clear, blue, black&white, or any color you need.

3. Width? Maximum 1560mm.

4. Length? 100-2000 for choice.

5. Adhesion level? 50-1200g/25mm for choice, if you do not sure for it, we can make professional test and offer suggestion.

6. How many colors of printing need to make? Maximum 3.

7. Packing requirements?

8. Other unidentified requests?