Clear Printed Film

Clear Printed Film

Clear Transparent Protective Film with Printing Maximum 3 Colors China Manufacturer Supplier For Printed Adhesive Film
Hualibao printed LDPE films have wide range of applications, as it is low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to apply, high efficiency of surface protection, now we could see it is used on surface of metal products, glass, PMMA, plastics, floor, woods, etc. Maximum 3 color of printing is customized for you and helps improve your product brand image and advertising.
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Product Details

Clear Printed Film

OEM Printed Clear Protective Film Printed LDPE Protection Adhesive Plastics Transparent Film For Surface Protection

Hualibao manufactures customized printed LDPE protective film for below series:

1. Printed adhesive plastic for metal surface protection: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Plate, PPGI, and all kinds of coated steels.

2. Printed protective film for plastic surface: such as PET sheets, ABS boards, PC panels, PS plates, plastic covers, etc.

3. Printed PE film for glass, windows and PMMA surface protection.

4. Printed film for Ceramic tile, marble and floor.

5. DMR printed automotive carpet film.

Printed Clear Film details:




Transparent, Clear


Maximum 3 colors on the surface


0.05 - 0.20mm


Maximum 2000m, customized


Maximum 1560mm, customized


Low to extremely high, 30-1200g/25mm


Water-based Acrylic emulsion; Solvent series acrylic resin.


Used for metal products, glass, PMMA, plastics, floor, woods, etc.


Environmental, durable, recyclable, economical

Stable adhering capacity.

Easy to apply

Easy to peel off , no glue transfer

Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion


Carton package, pallet package, or as required.



Lead Time:

12~24 days

Manufacturing Process For printed LDPE Plastic Film: 

1. Preparation for the item need to produce: do necessary tests with the protected materials to find out what is the suitable adhesion for the application. Confirm with users about other elements such as film thickness, width and length per roll, printing pattern, package, etc.

2. Make the printed plate accordingly.

3. Make out two kind of blank films, one film is for printing with ink, the other is for lamination with the printed film. This process makes the ink inner the protective film, no transfer to the glue side, of cause it prevents ink transfer problem onto the customer product surface.

4. Glue coating with the printed film.

5. Packing and cutting for finished product.