Hualibao Company Holds A Grand Celebration For The 19th Anniversary -- Always Follow Your Heart And Sail Ocean As Fast As You Can.

- Oct 10, 2018 -

Time flies, 19 years is just like a brief moment for Hualibao’s growth. From year 2000, in the fierce market competition, Hualibao struggles to move forward, takes over many big or small challenges, has achieved fruitful. To celebrate this special day, the banquet was held in Hualibao factory at evening of SEP 23rd.



Hualibao is theChina's pioneer of protective film and paper manufacturer, well known supplier for the temporary protection products for surfaces in many industries. Established in year 2000, Hualibao becomes a large manufacture company, we make the glue, film, and printing by our own machines and in our own lands, we can monitor the product quality in time and make necessary adjustment for customers’ special requirement accordingly. The whole process manufacturing and intimate service business has developed into the company's core competitiveness, we are now becoming one of leading enterprises the protective film industry.



Besides all the staff of Hualibao, there are also some old leaders, old friends and external consultants. We shared the joy and splendor of the 19th anniversary of Hualibao and celebrated the beautiful tomorrow together.