GUANGDONG HUALIBAO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Enlarges The Production By Adding 3 Machines

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Considering current strong market demand on the self-adhering protective film, GUANGDONG HUALIBAO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD enlarges the production by adding 3 machines this month, it will increase our output of the self-adhering protective film, and the market supply has been fully supported. The new production lines will greatly improve the company's automation production level, ensure the stability of product quality, effectively speed up the lead time and increase output production.


Self-adhering protective film, also called for the electrostatic film/static cling film/EVA film, is a kind of film without glue coated, it sticks to product surface by static adsorption for perfect temporary protection. It has very low adhesion and perfect to be used on surfaces which are smooth and sensitive to the adhesive or glue residue, such as glass, lens, highlights plastic surface, PMMA, electronic products, metals, and so on.


The film specification of standard roll is as below:


Thickness: 0.03-0.06mm

Width: 1000-1350mm  *

Length: 200-3000M

Color: Clear

Adhesion: 1-30G/25MM


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