Powder Coated Plate Protective Film

Powder Coated Plate Protective Film

Powder Coated Plate Protective Film Plastic Protector For Powder Coating Plate Plastic Cover Suitable For Powder Coated Metal Sheet
Powder coated plates are widely used in the construction sites and buildings. Our Hualibao protective film for the powder coated plate is a very simple and cost-efficient solution to many of the challenges involved in process of Shipping, handling, storage and installation. Damage to the Powder Coated plate and sheet's surface at any step can be costly, putting pressure on both your timeline and your bottom profit. Our metal protection film can help prevent any such damage from occurring.
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Product Details

Powder Coated Plate Protective Film

Powder Coated Plate Protective Film PE Protection Film For The Powder Coating Metal Sheets


Product Details:

Products Name: Powder Coated Plate Protective Film

Application: Powder Coating Metal Plates and Sheets

Substrate of the film: Polyethylene film

Type of Adhesive: Water based acrylic and Solvent-based acrylic resin.

Range of adhesion: mainly medium to high, depends on the finish of the powder coating

Color: Black&White,Transparent, White, Blue, customized

Thickness: 30-150 microns

Width: 30-1560mm

Length: 100-2000 meters

Printability: Maximum 3 colors, customized

Tensile Strength: Horizontal >15N/25mm; Longitudinally >8N/25mm; 

Elongation: Horizontal >150%; Longitudinally >200%;

UV Resistance: Available



1. Anti-UV can be input, provides outdoor weather resistance.

2. The protective film sticks to surface firmly and peels off easily after finishing operations.

3. The protective film protects the quality of surface without any residue or any marks once the protective film is removed.

4. Stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.


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