Duct Cover Protection Film

Duct Cover Protection Film

Duct Cover Film Protective film For Ductwork Duct Cover Shield 2 Mil 3 Mil Blue Clear Film
Hualibao protective film can offer temporary closures on open ductwork. It prevents building/construction dust and debris from entering the duct work system; significantly reduces wipe down cost and time. This protective films with medium to high adhesion are suitable for a wide variety of different sized ductwork. The adhesive will not leave any residue on the metal after removal.
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Product Details

Duct Cover Protection Film

2 Mil 3 Mil Blue Clear Duct Cover Film Protection Film For Duct Closures


Product Details:

Products Name: Duct Cover Film

Application: Ductwork Protection in the building or construction

Substrate of the film: LDPE film

Type of Adhesive: Water based acrylic emulsion

Range of adhesion: mainly medium to high, mainly 300-400g/25mm

Color:  Blue or clear, customized

Thickness: 2 mil, 3 mil, or customized

Width: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, customized

Length: 200’, 300’, 500’, 600’, customized

Printability: none

Tensile Strength: Horizontal >15N/25mm; Longitudinally >8N/25mm; 

Elongation: Longitudinally >200%  Horizontal >150%;

UV Resistance: Available



Good protection for HVAC ducts;

Helps for temporary closures on open ductwork;

Will not leave residue on metal after removal;

Well resistant to tears and punctures;

Very good adhesion for all types of ductwork;


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