Aluminium Composite Panel Protective Film

Aluminium Composite Panel Protective Film

Aluminum composite panel Protective Film Printing protection film for ACP Sheet
Hualibao protective film for aluminum composite panel offers stable adhesion, can be easily adhere to ACP surface and leaves no residue after peeled off. Our products can effectively protect the surface of aluminum composite panels from scratches, damage and contamination during transportation and installation. Black and white film is more popular for most customers. And we can help improve your brand image by printing maximum three colors logo on the film surface.
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Product Details

Aluminium Composite Panel Protective Film

ACP Aluminum composite panel Protective Film Printing Black&White Clear LDPE Protective Plastic Film For Aluminum composite panel ACP Surface Protection

Product Details

Main Technical Data

Products Name: Aluminum composite panel ACP Protection Film

Scope of application: ACP sheet Aluminum composite panel

Substrate of the film: Low Density Polyethylene

Type of Adhesive: Water based or Solvent-based acrylic resin

Range of adhesion: 50-800g/25mm, depends on the finish of the ACP surface.

Color: Transparent, Black&White, Blue, White, etc.

Thickness: 50-150 microns, customized

Width: Maximum 1560mm, customized

Length: Maximum 2000 meters, customized

Printability: Maximum 3 colors, customized

Tensile Strength: Longitudinally>8N/25mm; Horizontal>15N/25mm

Elongation: Longitudinally>200%; Horizontal>150%

UV Resistance: Available

Directions For Use:

1. ACP surface should be dry, free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals in case of any residue is caused by the chemical reaction with the adhesive.

2. The best results are obtained with temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C.

3. Use laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers.

4. Try to eliminate or minimize film elongation, and the formation of air bubbles and folds during lamination.

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