Aluminium Alloy Protective Film

Aluminium Alloy Protective Film

LDPE Adhesive Protective Film For Aluminum Alloy Sheet Protection tape for Aluminum Alloy Door PE film for Aluminum Alloy Window Printing Adhesive Plastic For Aluminum Alloy Plate
Hualibao adhesive products protect your Aluminum Alloy surface from pollution, damage & UV corrode, and scratch during the process of produce, transport, store and installation. With our special manufacture, our PE film is kind of durable, recyclable, hot-temperature endurable and anti-aging product. Besides, we can make maximum 3 colors over print to improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on the PE Protective Film.
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Product Details

Aluminium Alloy Protective Film

Aluminum Alloy Protection tape Protective Film For Aluminium Alloy Door PE film for Aluminium Alloy Window Printing Adhesive Plastic For Aluminium Alloy Sheet

Product Details

Directions For Use: 

1. Aluminum Alloy sheet and plate surface to be protected should be dry, free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals in case of any residue is caused by the chemical reaction with the film adhesive.

2. Removing film is advisable to perform in the temperature range 5°C to 40°C.

3. Try to eliminate or minimize film elongation, and the formation of air bubbles and folds during lamination.

4. The best results are obtained with temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C.

5. Use laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers.

6. The film is not suitable for extreme thermoforming.

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