Why Electronic Products Need Antistatic Film

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Why Electronic Products Need Antistatic Film?

In the electronics industry, there is a wide range of film applications, that is: protective film, which is a surface protective film that can be obtained by the simultaneous co-extrusion of multiple materials through a composite device. Protective film, also known as PE electrostatic film, self-adhesive film. The protective film does not contain any adhesive, and has the characteristics of good environmental protection adaptability and high product quality.

     Why Electronic Products Need Antistatic Film

     Protective film advantages:

     1. Excellent surface adsorption, can replace 30g viscosity below the PE sticky protective film, and no residue, white mist;

     2 excellent and wet, can be attached immediately after injection molding injection, easy to peel off after cooling, without any residue;

     3. It can easily discharge the chemical solvent gas that is slowly released on the surface of the paint spraying part, thus avoiding the phenomenon of re-action with the paint machine, and greatly improving the yield of paint products;

     4. The surface of the antistatic film is smooth and convenient for inspection of the product;

     5. Temperature and humidity resistance test can withstand (75 degrees 95%) 960 hours without exception, the highest temperature can be high temperature resistance of 120 degrees.

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