What's the problem with the PET protection film?

- May 11, 2018 -

1. When the adhesive tape is bonded with the protective film, some of the adhesive tape will peel off and give off the sound.

2. Back peeling, the material of the stripped is not stripped.

3, after punching and placing for a period of time, the adhesive tape and protective film can not be stripped.

4, the surface of the protective film is very oily, and it feels that the release layer is easy to fall off.

5, the protective film produces static electricity and adsors dust in the process of rolling and winding.

In view of the above problems, there are generally the following reasons:

1, when the noise occurs during stripping, the first is the excessive release force, followed by the uneven coating results.

2, the main reason for the anti stripping is that the collocation of the type force is not ideal. There are two reasons. First, the factory inspection of the protective film is not strict, the inspection equipment is not complete, the production process is not stable enough, so the difference of the type force of the same type is too much. The die cutting plant used the protective film that they thought was off force because of their habits. Secondly, the weathering resistance of the release layer is not enough, and the time has changed dramatically.

3, with the adhesive tape can not be peeled off, generally is the cause of uneven coating, some protective film leakage more serious will make a certain part of the effect, the tape can not be stripped, the die cutting of the circular knife should be taboo the problem.

4, the greasy system is mainly caused by the isolation agent system, not greasy things must be bad, in fact, some greasy coating surface coating is more uniform, the residual adhesion rate is better. But some of them are purely dense, and silicone oil is easy to fall off. These can be determined by testing.

5, electrostatic problem, in general in addition to the physical treatment of the treatment of chemical aspects of the process is permanent, the general photoelectric class of the die cutting plant have dust - free workshop, also have the removal of static equipment, the problem will not be very big. More stringent requirements can be selected to protect against static electricity protection film.

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