What is the correct sequence for installing aluminum ceilings?

- May 02, 2018 -

  There are many types of ceiling materials for kitchens and toilets, such as plastic steel plates, aluminum buckle plates, and gypsum boards. Among them, aluminum buckle plates are gradually favored by more and more owners due to their advantages of small deformation, low breakage probability, and good disassembly and maintenance. In the production of aluminum gussets, manufacturers will apply a protective film to protect their surfaces from scratches, so that the aluminum gussets will not be scratched during transportation.

  When installing the ceiling, the protective film should be peeled off before installation.

  However, due to the loss of the protective film on the aluminum buckle plate, construction personnel are required to be especially cautious in the construction process, which will undoubtedly affect the construction speed. Therefore, some construction workers do not usually tear off the protective film in order not to affect the speed. After the installation is completed, the owner can tear it off. As a result, the protective film is difficult to tear off.

Too much force in the tearing process will also deform the aluminum buckle plate, thereby affecting the appearance of the ceiling.

  Failure case


   Ms. Chen’s kitchen ceiling was made of aluminum gussets. After the construction, she noticed that the color of the aluminum buckle plate was green, and the construction staff told her that the protective film had not been torn off. After removing the protective film, the aluminum buckle plate would show the original color.

   After the renovation, she began tearing the protective film on the aluminum buckle plate, but a thin layer of protective film was difficult to tear off. Tossing it for a long time finally removed the protective film, but she was surprised to find that some of the aluminum buckles had become uneven. Ms. Chen found the construction staff. Their explanation was that they were deformed due to the poor quality of the aluminum buckle.

   Miss Chen found the factory to claim compensation. After learning about the specific installation process of her aluminum buckle plate, the manufacturer told her that the quality of the aluminum buckle plate was no problem. The reason why the aluminum buckle plate was changed was because the construction staff reversed the installation sequence. The correct order was to tear the protective film first. This is clearly stated on the packaging of the aluminum buckle plate.

  Afterwards, Miss Chen found this sentence on the packaging of the aluminum buckle board, and realized that the construction staff was evading responsibility.

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