What is the biggest worry about the use of PE protective film?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

It is not hard to imagine how upset and headache you could feel when you find residue after peeling off the protective film from your valuable product surface. It is really a bad image broken for the product every time when you confront with such issue.  To solve the PE protective film residue problem, the key is to choose the right protective film. In our opinion, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer with large scale, full range of production and stable supply of for goods.


The residue problem maybe caused by below reasons:


1.     Users choose the wrong type of protective film with too strong adhesion. When the protective film is too sticky for the surface, the residue would leave on it very easily.

2.     Manufacturer’s protective film quality is bad, the adhesive transfer t o users’ product surface sometimes.

3.     The product surface is not clean and dry enough, maybe have some oil and other special chemical on it, and the reaction would happen with the film adhesive after lamination.

4.     The film has a limit service life, make sure you use it in the proper time, if it is out of date, the residue could happen easily.


To avoid such problem happens, it is important for the users to choose the right film with proper adhesive, it could reduce your risk for the residue problems to your products. Hualibao company is a pro supplier for the customized protective films, we have full experience for over 17 years and can make full range of products for your application. Please contact with us if you need any advice on the protective films:


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