What is self-adhesive film

- May 20, 2018 -

What is self adhesive film?

Is it the same as the PE electrostatic film? How do you distinguish between these two kinds of protective films?

In fact, such questions will be raised generally by people who not in the industry. They think these two kinds are different and there is no relationship. In fact, they understand wrongly. In the protective film industry, the self membrane is actually an electrostatic membrane. Because electrostatic film is adhesive free, so some occasions are also called self mucous membranes, and the way of application is the same as PE electrostatic film.

In the protection film industry, according to the classification of the adhesive material of the protective film, the adhesive and self adhesive protective films can be divided into various advantages and disadvantages. The self adhesive protective film is mainly used for the products with high appearance quality. It can be self adhesive without coating glue. There are many kinds of self adhesive materials. Usually, electrostatic film is made of EVA or other modified materials. The principle of self adhesion is that the self adhesive material belongs to the polymer, the crystallinity is low, and the surface of the film has a very large number of exposed molecular chains. These molecular chains are easy to fill in the pores on the surface of the attached objects, so that the two are glued to each other.

self adhesive film

. The main points are as follows: first, the crystallinity of the PE material, the lower the crystallinity, the better the adhesion, the higher the crystallinity, the worse the adhesion. The crystallinity reacts to the density of the PE material from another angle. The second point is related to the flexural modulus of the PE material, and the flexural modulus represents the softness of the PE material. The lower the modulus of the bending, the softer the PE protective film is, the more the PE low molecules will be immersed in the surface of the object, and the bonding is more firm.

PE self adhesive film is a new type of packaging material. Its production process is simple. It can be manually packed or mechanically packed with film, and its operation is simple and convenient. PE has good physical and chemical properties, a good PE self adhesive film, with little crystal point, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, high transparency, excellent temperature resistance, innoxious and tasteless, safe and environmental, widely used in hardware, plastic products, photoelectric products and so on.

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