What glue is used to protect the film?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Water-based protective film glue


Water-based glue refers to an acrylic or polyurethane resin that uses water as a solvent (diluent) and is emulsified by a special emulsifying device.

Advantages: variety, environmental protection, low prices.

There are many kinds of coatings that use water-soluble glues, such as general-purpose water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU, and film-like adhesives, oily sensations, and scraping pastes. With its functionality, environmental protection, and low price, water-based glue has become one of the main directions for future application of decorative coatings.

Disadvantages: Poor film formation, poor wash fastness


Oil protective film glue


The oily coating adhesive is an oily solvent (toluene, DMF, butanone, etc.) as a solvent and dissolves silica gel, acrylic acid or polyurethane (PU).

Advantages: Good film-forming property, good adhesive fastness, PU can be glued with hot air glue, and it is the commonly used coating glue. Among them, there is a large demand for silicone glue on the PET protective film.

Disadvantages: Less environmental protection than water-based glue (due to the use of oily solvents, although it is an environmentally friendly product, but the relative water-based glue is almost); the price is relatively high

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