What does ceramic tile protective film do?

- Dec 14, 2017 -

What does ceramic tile protective film do?


The answer is very simple, actually it offers temporary protection on the surface of the ceramic tile, preventing the bright and clean surface of the ceramic tile from contaminated with dust, dirt, grease, etc. In the construction site, it can prevent cement mortar bond to the surface of ceramic tile. In the construction process, protective film can also have temporary protection for decoration garbage pollution, gravel scratched, etc. When the construction is completed, clean time is shorter, you just need to remove the protective film directly, and there will be no residue leave on the tile surface, no need to clean the tiles again!


Use ceramic tile protective film with good and steady adhesion, it would be low cost and good advantages. Confronting with the fierce market competition, more and more ceramic tile manufacturers purchase our protective film to protect their ceramic tiles, the film cost may be very low, but with our film on their products, the grade of ceramic tile is praised by customers. If you need this protective film, please send inquiry to us:

Email: javierxie@hualibao.com.cn Website: www.hualibao-protectivefilm.com.


Our ceramic tile protective film has steady adhesion, stick easily and tear easily, convenient to use, leaving no residue after reomval. This product has protective effect on the floor, ceramic tile surface, prevent floor and ceramic tile surface from scratch and dirty in the transportation, installation process.


Hualibao ceramic tile protective film specification: can be customized according to customer requirements:


Adhesion: low to high, or designed adhesion according to the surface roughness of the protected material.


Base material color: transparent, milky white, blue, black and white, can also be determined according to the requirement or sample color.


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