The quality of PET protective film depends on what factors?

- May 22, 2018 -

The quality of PET protective film depends on what factors?

PET protective film is used a lot, PET protective film is a glue, electronic, die-cutting, printing and other industries commonly used a release material, the factors that affect PET protective film are what? Do you understand? The market demand in China is huge. However, due to the backwardness of the substrate and silicon coating technology, the domestic PET protective film is still dependent on imports. PET protective film manufacturers talking about the quality of PET protective film are mainly the following factors:

First, the substrate: PET release film is the silicone release agent is applied to the surface of the PET film, the quality of the substrate directly affects the performance of its use. Domestic PET film substrates have lagged behind in thickness control and heat shrinkage.

Second, the residual adhesion rate: residual adhesion rate, refers to the release paper after the first peel, the force of the second peel, calculated data obtained, mainly reflecting the effect of curing silicone oil.

Third, the peeling force: The size of the peeling force directly affects the performance of the PET release film. The industry standard peeling force tolerance range is ±15%.

Fourth, the processing environment: With the growing progress of various products, quality and technological improvements, for PET protection film cleanliness requirements more and more stringent, especially the electronic film cutting industry.

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