Storage, transportation and maintenance requirements of PET protective film

- May 14, 2018 -

PET protective film

With the continuous change of society, the ability of science and technology is getting better and better, and now people also have conditions to ask for the quality of life, that is, people are constantly demanding things, so that the better technology will appear in the society, the use of PET protective film is also very wide, all industries can use it It is also very extensive, if we choose to pay attention to the storage and transportation of the PET protection film, and the maintenance work should be done well to prevent some of the damage to the product, such as wear or fracture, and so on, can guarantee the quality and effect of the later product application, then let us explain the storage and transportation of the PET protection film below. And maintenance requirements:

1, the tape should be stored in the warehouse to prevent the sun and rain, and the organic solvent is not touched with acid base oil, and it is clean and dry. The room temperature is between -15 C and ~40 C besides the discovery of the equipment 1m.

2, tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and stored for a long time should be rolled once every season, anti static warning floor adhesive tape PET protective film.

3, when loading and unloading conveyor belt, it is best to use cranes, and use rigging with cross beams to lift smoothly, prevent damage to the edges, and do not override loading and unloading.

4, the type and specification of adhesive tape of PET protective film should be selected according to the application needs and specific conditions.

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