Stainless steel protective film development status and importance

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The technology is developing, and we are also innovating. Here below we share the importance of stainless steel protective film together:


At present,Chinahas more than 3000 stainless steel protective film production enterprises and over 3,000 varieties, which has become one of the fastest growing key industries inChina's chemical industry.


The application of stainless steel protective film has been permeated into various fields of national economy. Especially in the packaging industry, the stainless steel protective film can be seen everywhere.


In many situations, the stainless steel protective film can effectively replace some mechanical connection and interface adhesive parts, it simplifies the process in the packaging production, saves energy, reduces cost and provides a very effective way to improve the economic benefit.


As the package of stainless steel protective film in the whole industry plays an indispensable role behind the scenes, Therefore, the research, development and production of all kinds of qualified protective films are more assured, and the new stainless steel protective film with superior performance becomes the research area and scientific research activity of the packaging industry.


Stainless steel protective film is made of main agent of adhesive, and mixed with various curing agent, plasticizer, filler, solvent, antiseptic, stabilizer and coupling agent. With the emergence of synthetic polymer compounds, a synthetic resin stainless steel protective film was developed. It can be used for various bonding occasions. In recent years, with the improvement of the material development level, the invention of various modified resins has made the performance of the resin stainless steel protective film further improved.


There are many classification methods of stainless steel protective film, which can be divided into hot solid type, hot melt type, room temperature fixing, pressure sensitive type, etc. According to the application object, it is divided into structural type, non-configuration or special adhesive. The morphology can be divided into water soluble type, water emulsion type, solvent type and various solid type.


The steady and rapid development of world industrialization has driven the whole industrial chain forward. Stainless steel protective film industry as an independent industry, at the same time, as a special auxiliary industry packing industry, its development status and future development direction, has become the focus of attention.


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