Protective film selection

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Protective film selection:
1, we know that different surfaces need different viscous, the need for protective film is different;
2, the same similar surface of different materials may also need different viscous protective film;
3, the protective film follow-up processing steps is the key to determine the viscosity. Follow-up processing generally have bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming and other processes;
4, the thickness of the protective film and the viscosity of a reasonable match;
5,  the tensile strength and elongation of the protective film, so as to  ensure the flexibility and strength of the protective film to meet  certain requirements;
6, the ultimate principle of protective film selection: to conduct a full test. This  includes understanding the characteristics of the material being stuck  and other requirements (use environment, storage conditions, outdoor  requirements, substrate color, printing or not).