Protective film extends product life

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Protective film extends product life

Protective film extends product life

When it comes to protective film, the first thing we think of is the film of various computers and mobile phones. The first level of understanding is that the protective film protects the surface of the product, which prevents the paint on the surface from being scratched or the fingerprint on the screen remains on the display. After a long time, the display will no longer be bright.

In fact, the function of the protective film is not only here.

First of all, the material of the protective film is made of a very environmentally friendly material, which does not cause serious chemical pollution to the protected product. The use of a protective film of a material such as a uv transformer PE can eliminate secondary pollution because it can be explained as an ordinary substance, and can be absorbed by the soil when it is recycled again or directly buried. Therefore, the protective film of this material is generally used as a plastic wrap for food, which is very safe and hygienic and can be used with confidence. Because of its strong antioxidant capacity, the food is exposed to the bacteria in the outside oxygen, maintaining the original freshness. In Japan's airbrush engineering and electronic equipment, it can be said that the protective film is the most widely used place. This protective film emphasizes that its own material must be clear and non-slip and durable. In addition, the price of the protective film is not high, so its price is not high. Consumers can safely choose to buy protective film without incurring an economic burden.

Therefore, the reasonable use of the protective film can really extend the service life of the product. Even when the product is dead, the protective film-protected machine is still the same as the new one. Some people like to sell the product that they no longer want to use as a second-hand. Then, even if the products carefully protected by the protective film are second-hand, they are still the same as the new ones, and they will definitely add a lot to the smooth sale of the products.

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