Protective effect of floor protective film in home decoration

- May 31, 2018 -

Protective effect of floor film in home decoration

In the whole process of home decoration, there are many links involved. If the previous construction fails to protect the finished products, it will cause unnecessary troubles and losses for subsequent construction and use. So you must use a protective film.

The tiles that cost nearly 10,000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan have not been completely smashed after they are finished. Although it is said that after finishing the renovation, they will do fine cleaning work, but I estimate that every owner sees such "protection" scenes. Everyone will feel very uncomfortable.

So what should be noticed in the protection of finished products? Or where should we pay special attention to the protection of finished products? Below, we will discuss together and welcome everyone to put forward their opinions and opinions.

First, the entrance door protection

The entrance of various decoration materials and the cleaning of various building decoration garbage will go through the entrance door. During the process of handling these items, the possibility of collision and friction with the entrance door will increase greatly. Therefore, the first one needs to be done. A good place for product protection is our entry door. Advice: Before the renovation starts until the furniture enters the market, you need to protect the entrance door! For this, the door can be wrapped using a finished protective film.

Second, tile, floor paving protection - protective film sticking method

The paving of ceramic tiles and floors also belongs to the part of the basic decoration. It is often found that neither the tile construction nor the construction work is done after the construction. Specific performances include: tiled edge seaming, freshly laid tiles, and piled on the floor. The sundries and newly-paved ceramic tiles stepped on the floor, the floor tiles, and the floor were not covered with finished protective film, which would affect the tile effect and cause the construction quality of the tiles.

By using a protective film to protect products such as floors and doors, it is possible to effectively prevent scratches or damage to floor tiles and doors and reduce the risk of unnecessary losses during the renovation process.

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