Processing of color steel protective film

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Processing of color steel protective film

A very important part of the color steel protective film in the process of processing is the blown film. The operation of this process will directly determine the quality of the packaged product. The machine used in the processing of the product is blow molding. The main principle of the machine is to melt and melt the plastic particles.

       The quality of the film material in the processing technology of color steel plate protective film has a direct relationship with the particles of plastic. The performance of the product has a very direct relationship with the processing parameters of the product. Therefore, in the process of film blowing, the process must be strengthened. Effective control of parameters.


       The color steel plate protective film has a standardized process operation in the process of the technician, which can ensure the smooth running of the product, so that a higher quality film product can be obtained, and the product which is blown out by using the raw material plastic particles has a very uniform color and Clean, the finished product's stretching effect is very good.


       Some recycled waste plastics need to be added with their pigments in the process of making them when they are made into plastic particles, otherwise they will directly cause uneven coloration and are very prone to breakage, and the price is relatively low. Products that have undergone their regular blown film process have superior stretchability.

       In the process of processing, the color steel plate protective film mainly adopts polyethylene as the main material, and then adds several special additives to carry out effective configuration and debugging. The glue used is colorless and transparent. The process used is very soft and sticky.

       The color steel plate protective film has a wide range of use, and the surface of different materials can protect the model and adhesion of different products. In the processing, the metal sheet is mainly used to effectively protect the surface, and the product is mainly used for its stainless steel. Products, high-end furniture and other products have good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance.

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