PE electrostatic self - adhesive film product features

- Oct 18, 2017 -

PE electrostatic self - adhesive film product features
1, electrostatic adsorption without glue self-adhesive. Tear easy to handle, in the production line operation speed.
2, with rubber elasticity, excellent elongation, well adapted to the grassroots deformation and cracking.
3, with excellent adhesion to the grass-roots level, the cohesive force is often greater than its shear force.
4,  there is self-healing, that is, membrane membrane in the face of  puncture or hard objects embedded, it can still maintain a good  waterproof performance.
5, safe operation, non-toxic environmental protection, does not pollute the environment, simple and clean operation.
6,  in addition to the main material, the surface material polyethylene  film also has excellent water resistance and high strength, so  waterproof with double insurance.
7,  corrosion-resistant: PE electrostatic self-adhesive film has a good  acid, alkali, chemical resistance, in a variety of environments with  excellent anti-aging properties.