Main advantages of PE electrostatic film

- May 19, 2018 -

Main advantages of PE electrostatic film?

PE film should be widely used in various industrial fields, which will not produce and volatilize any poisonous gas and environmental harmful substances in the use of imported high quality polyethylene, which will not produce and volatilize any poisonous gas and environmental harmful substances.

1. electrostatic protection membrane uses special silicone resin, excellent anti bubble function.

2. special silica gel electrostatic adsorption, no residual glue, washable.

3. high quality new protective stickers, fashion and trend, add fresh elements to your life.

4. is suitable for all kinds of smart phones, tablet PCs, laptop computers, pocket computers, GPS, PDA.

5. the surface of the electrostatic film is highly wearable and scratch resistant. The hardness reaches 3H, super high quality material and no rainbow pattern.

6. high permeability Japan imported PET material, the protective film surface is highly wear resistant, scratch resistant, high abrasion resistance, dust-proof and fingerprint proof.

7. through special anti fingerprint processing, this product has excellent anti fingerprint performance. Fingerprint attached to the screen is not easy to distinguish and easy to clean.


8. electrostatic film is durable and can be repeatedly adhered to prolong the service life of the screen, and increase the screen height and clarity, give full protection to the screen.

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