Introduction for Hualibao Industrial Co., Ltd’s Main products: Self adhesive film and glue coating protective film

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Hualibao Industrial Co., Ltd, as the leader manufacturer of the PE protective film over 17 years, are well known for making the self adhesive film and glue coating film products. Here is the brief introduction for this two kind of films which are widely used in many process and industries.


Self adhesive film, also called for EVA film and static cling film, is a kind of high transparent, elastic and soft protective film product. It has high tensile strength, tear strength and good puncture resistance. It is made with low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material, added with other adhesive materials mixing by melt extrusion system process and comes out as a new type of packaging materials. It simplifies the manufacturing process, has the good use safety performance, and has the waterproof, dustproof and advantage of good appearance. Currently Hualibao company produces clear self adhesive film in the thickness of 30-80 microns with low tack. It is the best product of ceramic tile and marble surface protection, also used by electronic companies on  the product of AB sheets, plastic panels, ABS/PC/PMMA board, etc.


Regard to the glue coating PE protective film, we could offer wider range for customers choices in the color(blue, black and white, clear, printing or not), adhesion level(up to 1200g/25mm), and thickness(30-300 microns). For your different applications, Hualibao company can specially make the protective film for you to solve your need on product surface, and keep your product surface fresh and clean.


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