Introduction For Hualibao Embossed Film

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Product information and specification

Clear or transparent embossed film is a kind of PE surface protective film, which is made of polyethylene as the substrate, coated with the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. With excellent chemical resistance, bubble-free and easy for paste, it is very suitable for many kinds of product surface protection. It is widely used in high-gloss panel, injection molding, LCD, etc., which can effectively prevent the product from being polluted, scratched, damaged or stained with dust in the process of production and transportation. 


Range Of Application


Computer hardware products: computer case shell, computer painting board, plastic injection molding, galvanized metal sheet, printing and spray paint surface.


Protection of liquid crystal photoelectric series: LCD liquid crystal display, conductive film switch, touch screen, back plate, electric cold light, colorful computer monitor surface protection; LCD, backlight module, PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC board, glass, high light panel.


Matters Needing Attention


1. Please avoid direct sunlight and keep it in normal room temperature

2. Do not overstretch when pasting, in case of peeling off the film from both ends.

3. When the processing conditions are strict, please conduct the test beforehand, and then use it after repeated verification.

4. For spraying plate, sometimes it can be difficult to peel off due to paint spraying conditions, or even the coating can be stripped together, please use the film before full research.


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