How to use the window protective film?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Steps for window glass film lamination:

  1. Clean the glass thoroughly, make sure no dandruff, dust and sand on the glass.

  2. Cut the film to match glass size.

  3. Spray a layer of water on the glass after cleaning the glass.

  4. Spray a layer of water on the protective film.

5. Scrape off the water between the film and the glass. Scrape the water out of the surface and remove the excess film.


Window glass lamination skills:

  1. The film should be at least 1cm bigger than the glass when cutting the film.

  2. The protective film is divided into two layers, one layer is a colorless transparent protective film, and the other layer is the colorful film.

  3. Remove water in 4 directions of the protective film so that the film has no air bubble.


Notes for window lamination:

  1. Double check the blade and other tools if they are smooth.

  2. Check the size and quantity of the lamination.

  3. When measuring the size of the window, it must begin with the same side of the window. When cutting, align the edge of the film to the center line.

  4. After all the window lamination, spray a small amount of detergent to remove other residues. Wipe with a dry cloth to make the Windows smooth and bright.