How to properly use stainless steel protective film

- Jun 25, 2018 -

How to properly use stainless steel protective film

Since stainless steel will rust, it will use a protective film to extend its oxidation protection, and thus a stainless steel protective film is born. Do you know how to use it properly? In fact, long-term use of a protective film for correct use is quite critical. Let's take a look! How to correctly use stainless steel protective film?

1, balanced tear protective film

There are many kinds of stainless steel protective film, there are large and small, in the use of all need to balance the tear protective film to ensure the uniformity of the protective film. In the process of tearing the protective film, there is a thin layer of paper. If the tearing is uneven, it is easy to break or lose the low tackiness of the protective film, and thinning in some places.

2, micro force posted on stainless steel

Do not torn too much, how much to tear, paste it on stainless steel, and then use micro-force to stick it on stainless steel, do not press, touch and so on.

3, fixed protective film

When the stainless steel is completely wrapped in a protective film, how can it be fixed? There are several ways here. First, press hard on the end of the protective film; second, stick it with transparent glue. Above is the use of stainless steel protective film.