How to eliminate the bubbles and shadows after pasting the protective film?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

When using protective film, you might found the surface of  film  will have bubbles, bubbles will probably turn into shadow, this will more likely happens if operater is not professional. Shadow will affect the appearance and convenience of the products.So how did the shadow come about?

First is the temperature, experiments show that the surface of protective film in 80 ℃ will  be changed, due to air bubble,  that is to say, protective film is being tored 

slowly under high temperature.  If heat resistence or cohesion of protective film adhesives is not good, it is easily to appear air bubbles residue or shadow around the 

protective film, usually shadow appear where there has bubble.

Another is emulgator, protective film which contains emulgator will have shandow once it transfer. Surface active agent in the coating will work as external plasticizer, making 

the film soft and elastic. During the coating, if plasticizer is sprayed evenly, it will be beneficial.However, because of the surface activity, the molecules will be removed 

from the film to surface where air interface is and turn into shadow.

As time passes, the greater the bubbles and air mix, the more likely to form a shadow.Therefore, it is very important try to  avoid small bubbles as far as possible, and use the 

good quality protective film to prevent shadow. Client needs to choose the right kind of protective film for their own products, or contact us. It is our pleasure to provide 

professional advices for you.

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