How to choose the adhesion of the protective film

- Jul 31, 2018 -

How to choose the adhesion of the protective film

Regarding the protective film, our understanding and understanding, in addition to mastering its relevant knowledge, is also necessary to learn and master some related difficult problems, so that it can be comprehensive and concrete, without missing any of them. Therefore, based on this requirement, let's continue our learning work below.



1. Protective film which has both low viscosity and high viscosity. So, how should we choose?

The protective film has both low viscosity and high viscosity, that is, the viscosity can be different. Therefore, we need to select the viscosity of the protective film according to the specific use of the protective film and its requirements for use.



2. LCD computer screen protector, when it is attached to the screen, there are a lot of bubbles, what is the reason?

If this phenomenon occurs when the LCD screen protector is applied to the screen, it means that the computer screen is not clean and the dust or oil on the screen is not completely removed. In addition, it is also possible if the film is not properly applied.



3. What kind of protective film is the paint protective film on the car?

The paint surface protective film on the automobile, in particular, is also in the category of the protective film. Moreover, it can also be called anti-scratch film, which is a high-performance polyurethane film. In terms of performance, it is mainly strong toughness, so it can protect the car and prevent scratching.



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