How much do you know about PE protective film?

- Nov 28, 2017 -

As far as we knows, with the continuous development of economy in our country, currently on the market all kinds of packaging material has changed a lot, which is a great help for our products. Regard to the protective film products, the scope of its application is very wide, compared with the ordinary packing product, it has more advantages, so how much do you know about the protective film? Well, let Hualibao industrial Co., Ltd. Introduce to you about this product:


Protective film, it basically is to make all kinds of our products on the production, processing, storage or transportation have better protection, prevent them from pollution, corrosion and scratches, protect the original bright and clean surface, so that it could improve the quality of the product, make its have better competition in the market. Protective film has many characteristic advantages, it is an important and indispensable which we have all kinds of product packaging products, we want to better play its role, we must understand the various content of this products, particularly in the stick process for the protective film, we must pay more attention to methods, in order to better protect the good product, make it from damaged. And the other thing is that we must pay attention to the bad and good quality of the protective films when you choose to buy, and this also has very big subsequent for your usage, if you get the bad ones, not only let the product can not get better protection, even bad impact on your products. So we don't have to pay too much attention to price when we choose to buy, because the price and quality are equal. So what is the good protective film?


1. Compared with the traditional protection film type, the one-step co-extrusion process can significantly reduce the overall cost and is very unique and advantageous.

2. The adhesion and peeling strength of the adhesive layer are wide range; The stability of the adhesion of polar and nonpolar surfaces is stable, and it can be applied to various product surfaces.

3. It has excellent protection capability;

4. Strong adaptability and adjustable peel off strength;

5. Clean film.


The selection of qualified protection film is of course need a professional reliable manufacturer, which can be very helpful for our subsequent use and purchase.


Hualibao industrial Co., Ltd, established in the year 2000, is one of the most professional manufacturers of PE protection films inChina. We own 10 lines of coating machines, our production capacity is up to 15 million square meters per month, the most important for us is,  we have rich experience and advanced technology in the industry, we could assure the customers the prompt supply, high quality, satisfied service, and the good price.


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