Functional auxiliaries in thin films -- color master batch

- May 07, 2018 -

Color master batch is a new type of polymer material special coloring agent, also known as Pigment Preparation. The color parent is mainly used in plastic. It is a aggregate made of super constant pigments attached to the resin and can be called Pigment Concentration, so its coloring force is higher than that of the pigment itself. A small amount of color masterbatch and uncoloured resin can be used to achieve the pigment concentration.

Basic ingredients: 1. pigment or dyestuff 2. carrier 3. dispersant 4. additive


1. pigments have better dispersion in products

The color masterbatch is a aggregate made of super constant pigment uniformly attached to the resin. During the production of Color Masterbatch, pigments should be refined to improve the dispersity and coloring power of pigments. The carrier of special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic material of the product, and has good matching. After heating and melting, pigment particles can be well dispersed in plastic products.

2. is beneficial to keep the chemical stability of the pigment

As the pigment is used directly, the pigment will absorb water and oxidize directly in the process of storage and use, and the pigment can be separated from the pigment and air and water, which can keep the quality of the pigment for a long time.

3. guarantee the stability of the color of the product

The color parent particles are similar to the resin particles and are more convenient and accurate in measurement. The mixture will not adhere to the container, and the mixing with the resin is more uniform. Therefore, it can ensure the stability of the addition and ensure the stability of the color of the products.

4. protect the health of the operator

Pigments are usually powdery. When they are added and mixed, they are easy to fly. Inhalation will affect the health of operators.

5. keep the environment clean, uncontaminated utensils

6. simple process, easy to turn color, save time and raw materials.