Four key instructions for the use of protection film from Hualibao Industrial Co., Ltd.

- Dec 04, 2017 -

What should we pay attention to when we use the protective film? Hualibao Industrial Co., Ltd., as the leader protective film manufacturer for over 17 years, supplies all kinds of PE films, self adhesive protective films and embossed films. As a professional PE film manufacturer, we may know more about how to have good use for this product. Here below we will show you a few points for the application of the protective film:


1.       Use the qualified protective film

When you are making choice for the protective film, be sure to select the high quality protective film, this is very important, a good protective film can protect your products more safety and efficient, but also keep your product in a beautiful appearance, no matter where you would use the protective film, we all like the good protective film with high quality, which can make protective film to its maximum value.


2.   Follow the usage rules strictly

What we call to follow the rules, is that we need to paste the film on the target surface in its order and instruction. In fact, the protective film is the same as the tape we use, so long as it is in order, we could have good protection for the products with the films.


3.   Should choose good environmental

Protection film also needs certain environment to use, according to the requirements of our manufacturer, protective film need to be used in place where is not wet and without sunshine. For some aluminum alloy protection film and electrostatic films need to be used at certain temperatures 25 degree C. These rules shall be followed.


4.   Do not mix up the film when you paste on your product

Many protective films look like the same from the appearance, but they may be different from the thickness, adhesion, film tensile and strength, etc. And different films have long or short service life time. We need to learn clearly about the protective film before we start to use it.


Above are the four main points that we summarize for you in the use process of protective film products. Welcome to order the protection film from Hualibao Industrial Co., Ltd.:


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