Difference Between PET Silicone Protective Film and Acrylic Adhesive Film

- May 16, 2018 -

Difference Between PET Silicone Protective Film and Acrylic Adhesive Film

The protective film has become a very important industry in the new era, especially the mobile phone protective film. The screen and the shell of the mobile phone are all useful to the PET protection film. PET protective film is divided into PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film. Professionals in the industry can clearly distinguish between silicone and acrylic gum protection membranes, but for some customers who have not been in the protection film for a long time, sometimes they do not understand the PET protective film of acrylic glue or the PET protective film of silica gel.

First, let's first understand the difference between acrylic coating and silicone protective film in terms of performance. Now, most of the PET protection films we use are silica gel, and silica gel PET protection film is more widely used than acrylic glue for PET protection film. For example, the PET protective film used in mobile phone screen now requires silica gel, and the protective film of silica gel can bear higher temperature than acrylic gum. Acrylic protective film is mainly used for packaging high gloss products and used as membrane switches. This is a cheap and good film.

PET Silicone Protective Film and Acrylic Adhesive Film

When we get a PET protective film product, how do we distinguish the protective coating of acrylic glue and the protective film of silicone? The simplest and quickest way is to use a hand scraped protective film with a rubber surface, which does not produce glue and powder is silica gel, and conversely, acrylic gum. Therefore, silica gel is also called powder free glue.

In addition, there are several differences between PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic adhesive film.

1. acrylic adhesive is very sticky, it will leave residual glue after ripping, and the viscosity of silica gel is relatively low. After ripping, there is no residual glue.

2. the protective film on the surface of the paste, with a little finger gently, quickly adhesive no or less bubbles of silica gel, adhesive slow and will produce bubbles of acrylic gum.

3. in terms of transparency, acrylic glue is better than silica gel.

4. silica gel has good temperature resistance, easy to control the smoothness of the glue surface and excellent low temperature property. Acrylic adhesive is easy to process and produce, with good transparency, low price, good weather resistance and strong viscosity.(PET Silicone Protective Film and Acrylic Adhesive Film)

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