Dehydration of protective film products

- Oct 18, 2017 -

The user  reflects the most is the protection of film products degumming problem,  the problem in the profile protection film embodies the most, when the  user after the installation of the profile of the protective film from  the profile after the tear off the surface, the protective film does not  show the adhesive With the protective film, but left in  the profile products, which is the user most reluctant to see, because  it is very troublesome, need someone to scrap these scrap from the  profile, especially the cost of time, there is such a problem The  possibility of the biggest possibility is to protect the film with the  pressure of the product does not meet the requirements, that is too  sticky, resulting in PE protective film products are stripped, the  external tension is greater than the internal stress, and remain in the  profile. If the user appears this problem, you can  use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol, the remaining sensitive  adhesive to repeatedly wipe, until the sensitive plastic was wiped  clean, but need to pay attention to the time is not too much Force, or may affect the profile of the product finish.