Brief introduction of reticulate protective film

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Reticulate protective film (reticulation film) is made with prlyethylene film as the substrate, coted with acrylic resin as adhesive. Several special additives are added in the process of adhesion deugging.


Adhesion: micro, low, medium and high.

The glue is kind of soft, colerless, transparent, environmental protection and non-toxic adhesive.

Applications of reticulation film:

stainless steel plate

electronic materials:protection for light guide plate, electronic screen, the instrument surface, car dashboard, shell of equipment, air conditioning surface and all kinds of household electrical appliance surface protection, titanium metal, etc.

plastic materials: protection for PMMA panels, PVC panels, ABS panels, Plastic panel and plastic sheet, all kinds of mould cutting process.

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