Brief Application of PE Protective Film

- Jan 05, 2018 -

PE protective film is made with polyethylene (PE) plastic as the backing material, a type of acrylic resin as adhesive, and also added some special additives. It has soft nature, stable viscosity, very easy to paste, easy stripping, removal without glue.

As one of the most widely used protective films today, the biggest advantage of PE protective film is protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness.

What are the main USES of PE protective film?

Hardware industry: computer case, galvanized metal sheet, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, plastic steel plate, glass panel, solar panels and so on.

Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printing plate surface protection, etc.

Electric wire and cable industry: copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products, it can effectively prevents dust pollution, also has anti-oxidation and anti-pollution effects.


Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printing plate surface protection.


Copper wire and cable industry: shaft curly, semi-finished products and finished products protection, which can effectively prevent dust pollution, also playing important part in anti-oxidation and preventing dirt.

Electronics industry: Now a lot of electronics factory, at the time of production, the protective film is generally used to protect the finished products and semi-finished products, so as not to appear in assembly line scratched and damaged.

Stainless steel plate: mirror plate, grinding steel plate, color plate and so on.

Aluminum product: aluminum sheet, coarse aluminum plate, powder coating aluminum profile, anodized aluminum profile, matt aluminum profile.

Building materials: fine grinding plate, coarse grain to grind panel, ACP, ceiling, frosted glass ceiling, artificial marble, plastic molding, ceramic tile, marble, glass plate, curtain wall, pre-painted board, polyester furniture board, paint decoration board, coarse grain polyester furniture plate, etc.

Optoelectronic industry: LCD, Back plate, cold light sheet, membrane switch, cellphone screen, etc.

Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection-molded item, PVC sheet, acrylic sheet, instrument, plastic lens, spray paint surface protection and so on.

Electronic materials: electronic screen, instrument surface, automobile instrument, shell, air conditioner surface and various household electric appliance surface protection, titanium metal plate, etc.

Plastic panel: PMMA, PVC, ABS board, and other plastic panel.

Other application: Dust removal protection film of dustproof workshop, carpet protection, and so on.

The protective film is widely used, and the surface of products that need to be protected in various fields can be used.

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