Application field of electrostatic film

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Application field of electrostatic film

It is generally known that an electrostatic film is used to protect the surface of a product. In fact, the role of an electrostatic film is not only that, but it is widely used. First of all, it is well known that mobile phone protective film, transparent sheet, although simple, has a small effect, it can protect the edge of the mobile phone from damage; however, with the continuous growth of brand mobile phones such as Samsung and Apple, People are increasingly demanding mobile phones. Or the mobile phone's electrostatic film is gradually strengthened, people are no longer satisfied.

For simple protection, a higher requirement is imposed on the electrostatic film, that is, no air bubbles can be generated, and the resin can be reused after being torn, and the glue cannot be left. The protection of the electrostatic film on the plastic film is not negligible. Now the surface of the plastic product is smooth as jade, and the spray can be used as a mirror. Use low-viscosity PE electrostatic film. When the plastic package is on the PE film, it can be safely transferred and packaged. It will not worry about scratches before packaging, saving manpower and time. A small layer of electrostatic film only needs a small amount of money, and the economic benefit is equivalent. Big.

Other uses of electrostatic membranes are mainly in the processing and transportation process, automotive parts, electronic appliances, plastic enclosures, furniture and furniture, decoration and decoration. When transported, it is commonly referred to as a stretch film, also known as a wrap film or a bundle film. It is similar to a household plastic film. It plays the role of dustproof, moisture proof and clean. It is convenient, economical and economical. It can save a lot of energy.

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