Auto Carpet Protective Film

Auto Carpet Protective Film

Hualibao Automotive Carpet Protective Film Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover Carpet Protector Perforated DMR Auto Plastic Adhesive Film
This auto carpet film is designed to protect freshly carpets after cleaning or new automobile carpets. It is an ultra-tough polyethylene coated with stronger adhesive which helps grip the carpet surface firmly, and resists rips and tears. The film is printed with industry standard rectangular pattern “dealer must remove”, and perforated every 21in. or 24in. for easy tearing as well.
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Product Details

Auto Carpet Protective Film

Large Manufacturer For Auto carpet protector DMR Perforation Carpet Protective Film 3.0 Mil 4.0 Mil thickness 24 inches width 200ft 500ft 600ft length


Automotive Carpet protective film information:

Base Material: LDPE (Polyethylene, Density 0.93g/cm3)

Thickness: 3.0 Mil, 4.0 Mil, customized 70-150 microns.

Color: Clear/Transparent

Adhesive: Environmentally friendly Water based acrylic or solvent series acrylic resin

Adhesion Range: above 600g/25mm, extremely strong.

Width by Length: 24in * 200ft, 24in * 300ft, 24in * 500ft, 24in * 600ft, customized.

Temperature Resistance: 0°C - 60°C

Printng: Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover, 3 patterns for choice.

Packing: Specified cartons and pallet.


Auto carpet protector Features:

1. Perforated every 21” or 24”for easy tearing.

2. Puncturing and tearing resistance with 3.0 mil and 4.0 mil thickness

3. Simple to use: just roll it out, tear off a sheet from the perforated line and apply.

4. Hold to dry or even damp carpets easily with our extremely high adhesion.

5. Easy peel-off without any residue.

6. Protects freshly cleaned or dyed carpets scratch, dirty, stains, paints, etc, and gives used cars a new car look and feel.

7. Stay on carpet surface for protection up to 45 days.


Tips for using:

1. Before covering the carpet, make sure the surface entirely free from oil, solvent and other chemicals.

2. Recommended service duration up to 45 days, do not exceed this time frame.

3. This carpet film is not used on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, marble counter surfaces, laminate floors, granite counter surfaces, stone or glass surfaces.

4. Avoid excessive heat or long time direct sunlight.

5. Not suitable for wool carpets unless specifically permitted by Hualibao company.