Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection Film

Professional Supplier For Temporary Carpet Protection Film for Synthetic Carpet 2 Mil Carpet Film 2.5 Mil Carpet Protector 3.0 Mil Carpet Protective Film Reversed or Regular Wound
Carpet Film manufactured by Hualibao is a clear film with strong adhesion, it provides a convenient and effective way to prevent your valuable carpets from debris, dirt, paint spills, dust and damage during construction Or renovation. Our carpet film offers a full 45 days of protection for all types of synthetic carpets.
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Product Details

Carpet Protection Film

Experienced Manufacturer For Carpet Protector Strongest Easiest To Use Carpet Cover Self Adhesive Plastic Protection Film for Carpet, Rug, Floor and Stairs Waterproof Clear PE Film


Carpet film information:

Based Material: 100% new polyethylene

Thickness: 2.0 mil 2.5 mil 3.0 mil, customized 50-150 microns

Color: Clear, customized.

Adhesive: Water based acrylic or solvent series acrylic resin

Tack level: extremely high, 500-1200g/25mm

Roll size: 24" x 200 ft.  24" x 500 ft.   36" x 200 ft.  36" x 500 ft.  48" x 500 ft. Customized. Reversed and regular wind for choice.

Printing on the film: customized, up to 3 colors.

Package: Carton and pallet, customized.


Product features:

1. Ultra tough, high-stretch polyethylene resists tearing, puncturing and skid.

2. Environmentally friendly adhesive and reversed wound film for easy use.

3. Ideal for builders, remodelers, painters, DIY home owners, parties, cars and RVs. Save time and money on the clean up the mess on the carpets.

4. Grip well on carpets and easy to remove, no damage or residue left behind.

5. Up to 45 days of protection for the carpet.

6. Hualibao is the large-scale professional experienced manufacturer and supplier for the carpet film, best quality, price and service is guaranteed.


Notes for users:

1. Recommended service life up to 45 days, do not exceed this time frame.

2. Before apply film over the carpet, make sure the surface completely dry, free from oil, solvent and other chemicals.

3. Carpet protection film is not used on hard surfaces such as marble counter surfaces,  laminate floors, granite counter surfaces, hardwood floors, glass or stone surfaces.

4. Not suitable for wool carpets or other natural fibers unless specifically permitted by Hualibao.

5. Avoid long time direct sunlight or excessive heat.